The Mayflower

Landed at Plymouth 1620


Name:……Marion Elizabeth Merrihew
Father:….Archie Leroy MERRIHEW (5 Nov 1880 – 1948)
Mother:….Florence Amelia LeFebvre (28 Jan 1884 – 13 Oct 1941)
Born:……15 Nov 1902 Union, NY
Marriage:..Richard Russell Hinds 18 May 1924 (age 21) Wintergarden, FL
Member:….Church of the Good Shepherd, Binghamton, NY
Death:…..18 May 1989 (age 86) Lourdes Hospital, Binghamton, NY
Burial:….21 May 1989 River View Cemetery, Harpursville, NY
Marion is the 7th great-granddaughter of Teague Merrihew who emmigrated to Massachusetts in the early 1600’s
Marion is the also the
10th great-grand daughter of James Chilton the oldest Pilgrim on the Mayflower by his daughter Isabella
9th great-grand daughter of Francis Cooke the Mayflower Pilgrim
9th great-grand daughter of Richard Warren the Mayflower Pilgrim
8th great-grand daughter of John Jenny and Sarah Carey, Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony
8th great-grand daughter of John Spooner, Pilgrim at Plymouth Colony
8th great-grand daughter of Lieutenant John Tompson, Pilgrim at Pymouth Colony
8th great-grand daughter of Joshua Pratt, Pilgrim at Pymouth Colony
13th great-grand daughter of George Munro 10th Baron Fowlis, Chief of the Name and Arms Munro, The Barons of Fowlis descend in a direct line from the 11th century.


Marion (center) at age 16 with her Father Archie Leroy Merrihew and Mother Florence Amelia LeFebvre