Saxon Settler Viking Iceland (935 AD) ….. 5.796 – GRS-A1 Culture: Icelandic Viking

The Icelandic individuals from the Viking Age were uncovered between 1900 and 1996 and are stored at the National Museum of Iceland. They represent the first few generations after the settlement of Iceland (870-930 AD) based on context and radiocarbon dating. The Norse religion started being replaced by Christianity around 1000 AD which led to visible changes in burial customs. Old Norse customs would have the body lying in a north-south orientation as single inhumations, whereas Christian burials would use coffins in relatively large cemetaries with graves in an east-west orientation. Also Norse graves would typically involve burying goods that would be taken to the afterlife such as weapons, animals, boats, jewelry and household items.

The grave was discovered in 1937 in Grimsstadir (GRS) with two other skeletons – there were no grave goods.