Edmund "Ironsides" Algitha, Queen of England Edward Ætheling Agatha Malcolm III Saint Margaret

Edmund "Ironsides"

Edmund (surnamed "Ironside") King of England, Crowned at Kingston-on-Thames in April 1016. Died 30 November following Buried at Glastonbury Abbey

Algitha, Queen of England

Algitha, Queen of England
Widow of the Danish
Earl Sigferth

Edward Ætheling

Edward Ætheling surnamed "the Exile" King of England in succession to his uncle St Edward the Confesor. Died in 1057. Buried at St Pauls Cathedral Church, London


Agatha, probably dau of Stephen King of Hungary by Gisela his wife sister of the Emperor Henry II
Her ancestry is controversial

Malcolm III

Malcolm, (surnamed "Canmore")King of Scotland, Slain 13 November 1093 Buried at Dumfermline Abbey in Scotland, (son of Duncan King of Scotland, murdered by Macbeth

Saint Margaret

Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland (Canonized by Pope Alexander IIII) heir of her brother Edgar AEtheling of the Saxon Royal Line of the kings of England. Died 16 Nov 1095; Buried at Dumfermline Abbey also.