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EDWARD II of Carnarvon Isabella of France Edward III Philippa of Hainault Lionel Plantagenet Elizabeth De Burgh

EDWARD II of Carnarvon

Edward II King of England (surnamed "of Carnarvon")Lord of Ireland etc. Born 25 April 1284 Murdered at Berkely Castle 21-22 Sept 1327 aged 42 Buried at Gloucester

Isabella of France

Isabella dau of Philip IIII (surnamed "le Bel")King of France by Joan Queen of Navarre Died 22 August 1357 Buried at the Grey Friars, London

Edward III

Edward III King of England (surnamed "of Windsor") Lord of Ireland etc Founder of the Order of the Garter, Born 13 Nov 1312 Died 21 June 1377 aged 64. Buried in Westminster Abbey

Philippa of Hainault

Philippa, dau of William (the Good) Count of Hainault and Count of Holland and Ireland Died 13 Aug 1369 Buried in Westminster Abbey

Lionel Plantagenet

Lionel Plantagenet (surnamed "of Antwerp") Duke of Clarence & Earl of Ulster KG 3rd son Died 17 Dec 1365 Buried at Clare Priory Suffolk

Elizabeth De Burgh

Elizabeth dau & heir of William De Burgh Earl of Ulster by Matilda of Henry Plantagenet Earl of Lancaster grandson of Henry III King of England Died in 1363 Buried at Clare Priory aforesaid